How to Care for an Air Compressor


Frequently inspect valves and governor controls on the compressor. Always disconnect the electric supply line to the motor before making any repair.

Never use an air tank without a pressure gauge and safety valve. Safe working pressure should be maintained according to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ Code for Unfired Pressure Vehicles. Never use household hot water tanks as air tanks. They are not designed to meet boiler specifications.

Every air tank should have a drain pipe and valve at the lower part of the tank. Accumulated oil and water should be removed frequently to prevent corrosion of the tank and to reduce the danger of explosion. Because corrosion weakens the tank, regularly inspect the inside.

Soapy water or other non-toxic, non-flammable solutions should be used to clean compressor cylinders, piping and receivers; never clean with gasoline, kerosene or other flammable solvents.

The above is an excerpt from the article, “What are air-powered tools?” For more information, please visit

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