Who is Responsible for Work Zone Safety and Mobility?

We are all responsible for making work zones work better and safer!

Project planners, designers, and construction/maintenance/utility workers have the responsibility to integrate safety, mobility and constructability when planning, designing, and implementing work zones.


• Drivers, bikers, motorcyclists and pedestrians have the responsibility to always be alert, obey traffic laws and signs, and pay attention to their surroundings when approaching and traveling through a work zone. Properly securing pets in a vehicle prevents driver distraction and harm to the animal.
• Passengers should always buckle up, act responsibly, and avoid distracting the driver.
• Public safety agencies have the responsibility of responding to and securing crash locations and enforcing traffic laws.
• Local communities, and state and local governments need to allocate funding for safe roads and increase public awareness about work zone safety.
• Police and courts have the responsibility of enforcing traffic and work zone laws.

The above is an excerpt from the article, “15th Annual National Work Zone Awareness Week.” For more information, please visit www.ops.fhwa.dot.gov.

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