Selecting Electric Toys Safetly

girl-child-store-toy-fb-Electric toys and other electrically operated products intended for use by children can be extremely hazardous if improperly used, used without supervision, or not properly designed and/or constructed. The possible dangers are many: electric shock, burns, especially if the product has a heating element; and a wide variety of mechanical hazards common to toys in general, such as sharp edges and points and dangerous moving parts.

While these standards and mandatory regulations have reduced the risk of injury from electric toys and other electric products for children, adults must still be selective in purchasing toys, supervise their use at home, inspect them periodically, and repair, replace, or discard deteriorating toys.

Selecting a Toy

Do not buy an electrical toy, or any toy, for a child too young to use it safely. Always check the age recommendation on the shelf package. Remember that this is a minimum age recommendation. If a toy is labeled “Not Recommended for Children under 8 Years of Age,” this does not mean that every child who is 8 years old is mature enough to operate it. The buyer must still take into account an individual child’s capabilities.

The above is adapted from the CPSC guide, “The Dangers of Electric Toys.” For more information, please visit

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