How to Install a Backless Booster Seat


Booster seats are not tightly installed in the vehicle the way car seats are. Booster seats are held in place by the child’s weight and the vehicle’s lap-and-shoulder belts. These seats boost children up to ensure a correct seat belt fit.

Instructions for Installing a Backless Booster Seat

  1. Read the manufacturer’s instruction manual for your seat, and the portion of your vehicle owner’s manual on child restraint systems before you begin installing your backless booster seat. Every booster seat and vehicle is different, so it’s important to follow all instructions carefully.
  2. Place the booster in the back seat of your vehicle. Make sure the booster seat fits flat on the vehicle seat.
  3. Have your child sit in the booster seat.
  4. Pull the seat belt across your child’s body and buckle the seat belt.
  5. Make sure the belt fits your child properly. If the seat comes with seat belt guides, use them to achieve good belt positioning.
    1. Adjust the lap belt so it lies snugly across the child’s upper thighs, not across the stomach.
    2. Adjust the shoulder belt so it rests across the chest.
  6. Check the fit of the seat belt often.

Best Practice

Continue using the booster seat until your child is big and mature enough to fit an adult seat belt properly. Even if the child is not present, booster seats should be secured in the vehicle at all times. When not buckled in place, the booster seat can be tossed around the vehicle causing injury to vehicle occupants during a crash or sudden stop.

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