Waterhazards: Kid Safety at Grandma and Grandpa’s

baby-bath-shutterstock_166755554Pools and hot tubs are among the most hazardous features that a home can have, but all homes have drowning hazards. Bathtubs are obvious drowning hazards, but children also drown in such unlikely spots as mop buckets and toilets. Bathtubs, kiddie pools and buckets of all sorts should be emptied immediately after use. Toilet drownings occur just a few times a year, according to a Consumer Product Safety Commission report on drowning, but keeping the lid down helps, and toilet locks are available for extra safety. In the case of grandparents who do own swimming pools, grandchildren should be carefully supervised, even if they have had swimming lessons. Grandparents should also know what drowning looks like.

The above is an excerpt from the article “Keeping Kids Safe at the Grandparents’ Home.” For more info, please visit www.about.com

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