Grandparents: Help Prevent Poisonings

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Preventing Poisonings

On the topic of medication poisonings, that’s one of the easiest hazards to fix, and one of the most deadly if ignored. Around one-third of child medication poisonings involve medicines belonging to a grandparent. Lockboxes can readily be found online or at a local pharmacy. Grandparents should purchase one and use it. Lockboxes are required before a family can become a foster family. Shouldn’t grandparents meet that standard, too?

Further poisoning deaths and injuries can be avoided if cleaners and chemicals are kept out of sight and secured. This can be accomplished in more than one way. One way is to store all such items in a high cabinet. The problem is, first, that some houses don’t have a lot of high storage and, second, that grandparents may put themselves at risk if they are constantly having to retrieve items from high shelves. For that reason, it may be more practical to install the aforementioned locks or latches on cabinet doors. Don’t forget the chemicals that may be stored in garages, on porches, or in outdoor sheds.

The above is an excerpt from the article “Keeping Kids Safe at the Grandparents’ Home.” For more info, please visit

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