Why is it important to learn about gas safety?


Gas powered appliances or pipes can leak and emit gases which are a highly poisonous to both humans and animals as well. In addition, the gases are highly flammable and explosive in high concentrations. These gases can cause significant damage not only to your property but to human life as well. Therefore, it does not matter whether you are a tenant, or a home owner, you should learn the basics of gas safety.

Gas safety tips

1. Understand the type of gas appliances present in your home

It’s important to find out if there have been recent changes to your gas system so you know if there are past problems with the system. This way you will be able to tell if they were repaired. If the gas has been exposed to flooding or any external factor, this can be dangerous if not rectified.
2. Learn how your gas system works

Be aware of all your gas system components, how it is protected and its condition. Also, be aware of the underground pipe placement, fitting and tubing in your property. Be conscious of the location of gas relief valve and how it works.

3. Maximize property protection against gas leak accidents

There are several things that you can do to protect yourself and your whole family:
· Record an inventory of all gas appliances and pipes. With this you will be able to detect leaks with ease in case of an emergency.
· Learn how to turn off all gas inlets and outlets.
· If you use natural gas, be familiar with gas smell for it smells like a rotten egg.
· Purchase and install carbon monoxide alarm.
· Carryout gas leak checks regularly with the help of a reliable plumbing or gas company.

The above is an excerpt from the article, “Top 10 Gas Safety Tips.” For more information, please visit www.groundreport.com.

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