Write for Humans, Not Search Engines.


Write for Humans, Not Search Engines.

Your headline shouldn’t sound like a robot wrote it. It should appeal to people first and foremost. That being said, whenever possible you should naturally work in a keyword or keyphrase into your headline. That way people searching for a topic can find your content in search engines.

However, there’s a difference between working in a keyword in a natural way in an interesting headline, and headlines that read like keyword searches (“Video for small business”). Headlines that read like keyword searches you’d plug into Google are boring. Today’s reader expects more and is not likely to click on a dull title like that. Make it more interesting than that.

Use the Right Tools and Resources.

If you’re not feeling creative, use tools to come up with a strong headline. Give the tool a noun or verb, and the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator provides dozens of headline possibilities. They will at least get your creative juices flowing, even if you don’t use any of the suggested headlines.

Copyblogger’s How to Write Magnetic Headlines is an 11-part series that will give you headline formulas and templates for your content.

To see if these eight tips work for you, be sure to experiment. Every industry and every audience is different. Not everything may appeal. Once you see which headlines YOUR readers are responding to, you can apply the same techniques to develop new headlines and increase traffic to your blog.

The above is an excerpt from the article “8 Smart Techniques for Improving Headlines.” For more info, please visit www.sba.gov.

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