Ask a Question & Stand Out by Sounding a Bit Over the Top


Ask a Question.

Consider Chris Brogan’s post, “Do Local Businesses Deserve Your Money?”  It’s a good question.

The reader is forced to ask himself the question, and if he doesn’t have the answer, he’ll be inclined to click. Whether the article answers the question to his satisfaction is a different matter – but the headline at least gets him to click.

Stand Out by Sounding a Bit Over the Top.

Tabloid magazines have mastered the art of the outrageous, but that doesn’t mean your business blog can’t apply the same technique – in moderation. Use words like:

●     Secrets

●     Revealed

●     Superlatives like biggest, the ultimate, best

Just be careful because you don’t want to lose credibility by creating headlines like this all the time or by being too outrageous.

Also, make sure the article delivers on what the headline promises. Don’t claim to bring the reader the “ultimate” guide to whatever or the “best advice” on some topic, only to offer up a mere 150 words stating the obvious. If you’re going to deliver the ultimate guide, then it had better live up to it.

The above is an excerpt from the article “8 Smart Techniques for Improving Headlines.” For more info, please visit

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