Spring Break Teen Driving Tips


Spring break is in the air — and so is the collective sigh of relief for teens who are just itching to get away from it all. A lot of teens, especially ones who have just received their driving privileges are looking forward to a taste of freedom on the road. Before they do that, however, here are some driving safety tips.

The Buddy System – Use this for everything. Keep each other safe. Schedule driving breaks. Have predetermined driving schedules for long drives, to make sure that everyone’s refreshed by the time they get to their destination. This also applies when it comes to having designated drivers.

Emergency Equipment – Have the travel vehicle properly maintained. Also, have the necessary tools that are capable of troubleshooting minor car troubles like flat tires or running out of gas.

Documentation – Having proper documentation like ids and car registration around doesn’t hurt, especially if it involves trips away from your postal code.

The above is an excerpt adapted from the article,”Spring Break Driving Tips.” For more information, please visit www.aadrivingacademy.net.

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