Be Proactive When Dealing with Hazards Causing Slips and Falls


Be proactive. Deal with the hazards. Recognize hazardous conditions and take proper precautions. Remember, sometimes pointing out the obvious is necessary.

Entrances and exits. You know they need to be in good condition and that snow, water and ice are hazardous. Instead of trying to shovel and salt all of the entrances, consider closing a couple for the winter.

  • Ask all of your employees to enter and exit from one or two doors. That will make it easier to ensure snow is removed, ice doesn’t build up and conditions are less hazardous.
  • Mop all entrances and exits regularly to prevent water accumulation.
  • Make sure that handrails on stairways and walkways are secure. If someone fell and grabbed the rail, it should be secure.

Parking lots and sidewalks.

  • Observe employees’ walking patterns. Consider making walking paths that are highlighted with yard flags or lights.
  • Mark trouble spots with police tape. That way you can ensure the path is properly cared for and employees are using a safe walkway instead of walking through snow banks and over slippery curbs.
  •  Remember to adequately salt walkways. The appearance of a clear path may cause people to proceed with less caution.
  • Be sure to remove remelted snow and ice after the application of winter salt.
The above is an excerpt adapted from the article, “Slips and Falls: Prevent wintertime falls that impact your work comp costs.” For more information, please visit

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