Superbowl Food and Drink Tips

helmustAs you plan Super bowl festivities make sure to keep health and safety in mind during your celebrations.

Eat healthy

superbowl400x400Hosting the party? Avoid a false start with fattening foods. Add healthy snacks to your menu instead of high fat foods, or go for the super bowl trophy by serving all healthy snacks. Eat healthy snacks before the celebration to prevent overindulging.

  • Include fresh fruits and vegetables, such as apple halves or carrot sticks. There should be a variety in season.
  • Avoid the blind side; many dips and dressings contain far more calories than you think. Limit portions o
    r serve fat-free or low-fat dips and dressings.
  • Offer foods and beverages low in fat, calories, sugars, salt, and sodium.
  • Serve foods and beverages that can be consumed by people with diabetes or on special diets.

Get Smart: Entertaining Adobe PDF file [PDF – 435KB]External Web Site Icon
Fruits and Veggies MatterExternal Web Site Icon
Nutrition Topics

Consider food safety

As you prepare game day meals and snacks, take steps to avoid serving recalled products and follow food safety guidelines to prevent illness.

  • Visit the Food Safety website for information on product recalls.
  • Follow the Four Rules of Food Safety: Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill.

FoodSafety.govExternal Web Site Icon
Be Food Safe

driver-beer-shutterstock_118690894Limit alcohol

Don’t get a penalty for drinking and driving. Take steps to make sure you and other guests you celebrate with avoid driving under the influence of alcohol.

  • Plan ahead. Always designate a non-drinking driver before any party or celebration begins.
  • Don’t drink and drive or let others drink and drive.
  • Be a helpful host by reminding your guests to designate a sober driver and offer alcohol-free beverages.

Alcohol is common during sports celebrations, but be mindful that for pregnant women, consuming alcohol can cause babies to be born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), a lifelong condition that causes physical and mental disabilities.

Alcohol: Frequently Asked Questions
Vital Signs: Binge Drinking
Drinking and Driving: A Threat to Everyone
Quick Stats: Binge Drinking


The above is an excerpt adapted from the article, “Have a Safe and Healthy Super Bowl Celebration.” For more information, please visit

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