Tips for Cleaning Up During the Holidays

decoration_christimas1_shutterstock_18272842The end of the year brings with it an assortment of holidays that have some people brimming with excitement and others just waiting to get them over with. No matter which group of people you fit into, it may cause some adjustments in your regular cleaning routine.

Many businesses decorate for the holidays. This means more “stuff” for you to clean up and clean around. Ask the client if they have special requests on how you clean these areas and employees’ desks that are heavily decorated for the holidays. Make sure that all boxes are marked as trash before tossing them — they may be the packing boxes for holiday decorations.

If the business has put up a live tree be prepared to vacuum up needles, which will not just be around the tree, but tracked throughout the building on the bottoms of shoes. Both live and artificial trees may be decked out with tinsel, popcorn, and other types of holiday decorations that will fall off the tree and on to the floor. Pieces of candy canes and other bits of holiday treats also end up on the floor throughout the building. As your employees are cleaning, have them keep an extra eye out for new spills and stains and have them tell their supervisor if extra time is needed to clean the building due to the extra workload.

The holidays also bring about company parties. This may mean additional cleaning for your company or rescheduling the time you normally clean so you do not interfere with festivities. Hopefully, your client will tell you if they are holding a company party during your normal cleaning time. But if an employee walks in on a company party, they should check in with a supervisor. The supervisor can then check with the client to see if the cleaning time should be rescheduled or if the employee should do their best to work around the party goers.

As some busifestive-cleaner-shutterstock_121539997nesses change their hours for the holidays you may have to adjust your cleaning schedule. Most retail stores stay open much later throughout the month of December and then close for the holiday late Christmas eve. While most businesses close on Christmas Day, many will also close early on Christmas Eve. Spend some time a few weeks before the holidays and call your cleaning clients to see if you need to adjust your cleaning schedule. If an office is closed early on Christmas Eve, you might be able to get your employees in to do their cleaning at an earlier time so they too can enjoy the holiday with their family.

Make sure you have proper holiday etiquette. With the many different religions and celebrations going on, avoid saying “Merry Christmas”. Instead, just wish people a “happy holiday”. There are also those individuals that are not into all the festivities of the season. Make sure that you remain professional at all times with your clients whether they are in a joyful mood or not.

Don’t let the holidays cause added problems for your cleaning business. With proper preparation and a few phone calls, you can deal with the special issues that come up during the holiday season. Your customers will appreciate your being flexible and accommodating their schedule. And this will pay off for you all year long!

The above is an excerpt from the article, “Tips for Cleaning Up During the Holidays.” For more information, please visit

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