Janitorial Safety Tips

Here are a few tips to minimize the risks of hazards and accidents.

  • janitor-clean-floor-shutterstock_159889187Cleaning locations may vary, if a janitor is associated with a company offering cleaning services to various institutions. In such a case, janitorial workers need to drive through their way to offer their services. Workers should follow safe driving to ensure their safety and avoid road accidents. If a worker is driving the company’s vehicle, it is the duty of the company to ensure that the vehicle is safe for driving. A vehicle safety rule book should be handed over to the drivers to go through, before using the company vehicle so as to make himself aware of the company policy for safe driving.
  • Lifting heavy equipment is a very common task for janitorial workers. Proper lifting techniques must be used to escape back injuries and muscle sprains. Workers must practice bending the keens while lifting things from the floor and avoid twisting and turning the back.
  • Short breaks between work will help in relieving stress due to continuous working.
  • When lifting heavy equipment, workers must take help and avoid carrying the load all alone, as it may adversely affect the body and cause injury. Lift belts can also be used while lifting heavy loads or furniture.
  • Workers should have separate shoes for work that have rubber soles for proper grip on the floor.
  • Falling and slipping can be avoided by placing a warning sign on the wet floor and ensuring no one walks on it.
  • Housekeeping carts help in carrying load and cleaning equipment from one place to the other. They must be in a smooth-moving condition. Workers must lean forward while pushing the carts. Well maintained carts prove really helpful in decreasing workload of the janitors.
  • Cleaning flooring is one of the main duties of janitorial workers. As it is a continuous process, workers must maintain proper body posture while mopping the floors. The mops can be held lightly and cleaning can be done in a rhythmical motion to avoid tiring.
  • Equipment like vacuum cleaners and floor machines must be used, when few people are around. The wiring and electrical fittings of these equipment must be checked everyday before use, to avoid electric shocks and other hazards due to electricity.
  • Using hand gloves and safety glasses will ensure safety of hands and eyes. Workers must wash their hands properly before eating so that germs and harmful chemicals do not enter their body via food.
  • Strong chemicals are used for cleaning. It is essential to go through the instruction leaflet before using such chemicals. Concentrated liquids should be diluted carefully and in a proper ratio. While using concentrated chemicals, enough ventilation must be there to avoid inhalation of harmful fumes of the chemicals.
  • Garbage bags can contain anything from blood stained needles to sharp glass pieces. These can hurt the worker if not disposed properly. It is therefore advised to carry garbage bags using hand gloves and away from the body.
The above is an excerpt from the article, “Safety Tips for Janitorial Workers.” For more information, please visit www.buzzle.com.

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