Why Pinterest is for Plumbers – Part 3

The following is an excerpt taken from the article, “Why Pinterest is for Plumbers”. For more information please visit www.contractormag.com.

Local, business boardsmaster-bath-1shutterstock_109770068

As a service contractor, you are interested in local followers. That makes your Pinterest strategy two-fold. You must create boards to attract local followers and boards to drive those local users to your website when interested in the products or services you offer.

Some of the options for local boards are area attractionsrs, and so on. To find them, search for the town name, school name, etc., on Pinterest. By repining, you will help build your following. Make sure you include the town name in your board titles and pin descriptions.

Show images of products you have installed, but show the products as décor. Before and after shots are especially popular. The more focused you can make each board, the better. Create separate boards for faucets, kitchens, bathrooms, water heaters, disposals, handicap accessible products, etc.

faucet-detailshutterstock_93440857How to and educational boards are popular. You can take images of a video and link to the video. Don’t worry about teaching someone how to DIY.  Homeowners who really want to DIY are going to find a way. If your how to board looks too complicated, skilled or requires special equipment, the homeowner is not going to tackle the job, though she will consider you an expert.  Let people see why a camera can help. Show them how a jetter works. Show all of the wrong ways to braze as well as the right one. Homeowners are not going to buy a torch because of your video.

Show a sequence of the steps involved in a kitchen or bath remodel. Homeowners worry about the mess and time required. Show how you can transform a kitchen rapidly and painlessly.

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