Air Heaters – Usage Tips

The following is an excerpt from the article, “Stay Warm and Safe with Air Heaters.  For more information please visit

Many families find that portable electric air heaters are an excellent secondary source of heat. To help make sure that your family is safe and secure this winter, follow a few simple safety precautions recommended by UL:

  • Brunette_Woman_Warming_AirHeaterforegroundAir heaters on the market today are manufactured with such safety features as cut-off switches to turn heaters off if they accidentally tip over and heating-element guards to help prevent contact with combustible materials.
  • Pay special attention to children if there’s an air heater in the room. Remind children not to poke their fingers or objects through the protective guard. Even the slightest contact with a heating coil can cause a severe electric shock or burn, or start a fire.
  • Avoid using an extension cord with your air heater. If you must use an extension cord, it should have a rating 1.25 times the wattage rating of the heater. For example, you should use a cord rated at least 1,875 watts with a 1,500 watt heater.
  • Unplug your air heater when not in use.

We hope these safety tips will help keep you and your family safer and warmer while using electric air heaters. When you need peace of mind, look for UL.

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