Hockey, Sledding, and Tobogganing

This is an excerpt from the article, “CPSC Issures Safety Tips On Winter Sports.”  For more information please visit

CPSC Issues Safety Tips On Winter Sports

Hockey. Hockey-related injuries recorded by the Commission include ice, street, field, and gym hockey. A major hazard in injuries associated with hockey was poor or ill fitting equipment and, in some cases, no equipment at all. During practice and fun sessions, young hockey players did not bother to wear face masks, helmets, or gloves, and were injured seriously. Poor sportsmanship also played a prominent role in hockey injuries. Players hit other players and bystanders who happened to get in the way.

Sledding. Never sled on the street or on hills that lead directly into the street. Numerous accidents occurred when sledders hit bumps, curbs, or rammed a car. Also, never hook rides on the bumpers of cars.

Tobogganing. The most important advice for toboganners is to keep hands, arms, and legs inside to avoid limb injuries.

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