Safety Tips On Winter Sports – Skiing

CPSC Issues Safety Tips On Winter Sports

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Dee 16) –Winter wonderland means fun for millions, but for 183,000 Americans winter also may mean serious sports-related injuries.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 84,000 skiers, 30,000 skaters, 30,000 hockey players, 20,000 sledders and tobogganers, and 19,000 snowmobilers will require hospital emergency room treatment for injuries this year.

Proper and well-fitting equipment, physical conditioning, common sense, and good sportsmanship could eliminate some accidents. Injury data compiled by the Commission reveal major hazard patterns associated with various winter sports and indicate suggestions about how other accidents also might be avoided.

Skiing. Investigations of skiing accidents show that injuries occurred when bindings did not release and when the skier was going too fast, lost control, or hit a mogul. A number of accidents happened when the skier was tired.

Commission recommendations to skiers include:

  1. Take lessons from an expert. Studies show that beginners are hurt more frequently, so advancement is desirable.
  2. Use good quality equipment that fits well.
  3. Be sure that equipment is clean–no dirt or salt between boots, bindings, and binding mechanism.
  4. Proper adjustment of bindings could lessen the likelihood of leg injuries. Beginners might test abilities to get out of bindings with muscle power by standing in the skis and twisting and pulling to release the toe and heel pieces.
  5. Approach tow lifts with caution. Beware of long scarves that could become entangled in the tow rope.
  6. Never tackle a slope that is obviously beyond personal skiing abilities. Ski marked trails and observe ski trail signs.

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