Safety Games and Activities for Your Family: Get Out


Get Out!

Creating a family fire escape plan is essential to safety. Take a few minutes to draw a diagram of your home (you can download one here. Identify at least two exits from each room as well as a family meeting place away from the house. Remind your children that if they see or smell smoke, they should “go low” and crawl to the exit.

Walk with your kids into each room and ask, “How could you get out?” “Now imagine this door is locked shut, how could you get out?” “Imagine the window was locked how could you get out?” Make the game more fun by adding in some playful and silly examples that make them think of alternative exits, e.g., “A giant llama is blocking the door. How could you get out? An elephant is in the front hall. How else could you go?”

Race to the family meeting area and review the fact that the first thing they should always do in case of a fire is get out of the house and never go back inside for any reason.

*An important reminder for parents – In a real fire, you shouldn’t rely on your children to escape safely on their own. Part of your family escape plan should include an adult going to each child’s room and getting everyone out safely.


This is an excerpt from the article, “It’s Safety Time! Safety Games and Activities for Your Family For more info, please visit

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